Biogas Projects

Biogas is a renewable source of energy. It reduces the dependence on fossil fuels, that impact the environment adversely. Maverik’s effort to convert the waste into such a useful source of energy has been recognised by the ministry of renewable energy as well. Enriched biogas is rich in calorific value and can replace LPG and other commonly used fuels with a better weight to heat performance. Maverik believes that it is an important part of Go-green revolution and that local production and distribution of energy is an essential part of the future.

Biomethanation Process

The process is facilitated inside air tight reactors called bio-digester by controlling temperature and atmospheric conditions. Anaerobic digestion – bacterial action in the absence of oxygen – by the action of certain microorganisms’ produces gas containing 50-60% methane and is known as biogas.

The retention time for solid material in an anaerobic process can range from a few days to several weeks, depending upon the chemical characteristics of solid material and the design of the bio-gasification system (e.g. single stage, two-stage, multi-stage, wet or dry, temperature and pH control).