Where does human waste mingle with household chemicals, personal hygiene products, pharmaceuticals, and everything else that goes down the drains in homes and businesses?

In sewers.

Untreated human sewage teems with salmonella, hepatitis, dysentery, cryptosporidium, and many other infectious diseases.

Maverik’s Versatile Waste Water Treatment Technology

Maverik Inc. has developed the unique combination of In situ and Ex situ waste water treatments with the help of its natural reagents extracted by using organic ingredients. It is the only of its kind maverick treatment, enables the users to treat and recycle small to large quantity of waste water with minimal infrastructure facilities and foot prints, next to zero energy inputs with frugal cost.

The application of technology can be done within short span of time, depending upon level of water contamination.

Maverik’s unique water treatment formulation is based on nanotechnology, which uses organic, non toxic and eco friendly ingredients with proven water-purifying capabilities, bound together using a water- soluble organic solvent.

Salient Features of Maverik’s Water Treatment Technology
  • Safe for User and Supra System
  • Easy Applicability
  • Safe Quality of Treated Water
  • Economical Cost of Treatment