Organic Farming Inputs

After the anaerobic digestion process remaining non-digestible solids exit the digester in the form of liquid slurry (digestate). The digestate is further processed by a solid – liquid separator, where solids (dry) are segregated and sold as an agriculture input, the soil conditioner. The separated liquids are ideal Liquid Bio Fertilizer (LBF), which is eventually recycled into digesters along with other feedstock at the beginning of the anaerobic digestion process.

The Liquid Bio Fertilizers are suspensions having useful microorganism, which fix atmospheric nitrogen and solubilize insoluble phosphates and potash, mobilize and make them available to the plants. LBFs have a shelf life of minimum one year, with no health hazards to production workers and are easy to transport.

Additionally, LBF can be used in drip irrigation and as a component of organic farming. Bio-fertilizers are broadly categorized in three ways as Nitrogen Fixing, Phosphate mobilizing, and organic matter decomposers. They are eco-friendly as compared to chemical fertilizers.